My Test Page


Name: Dana Boratto
Position: Vice President

Brief Bio:

I came to Skicousi six years ago after having ignored the slopes in this province since I sported wood skis with beartrap bindings many, many, years ago. My husband and I love to ski and have spent a great deal of time at various resorts outside of Ontario and the country but had not considered what we have in our own backyard.

However, our close friends Mike and Lucy convinced us to become members and changed our opinion and focus altogether.  It has been a revelation to visit the various excellent private clubs and enjoy the amazing camaraderie and adventures in Ontario and to travel to various resorts in Europe with this marvellous group of likeminded friends.

As a retired public school principal, I have always appreciated and admired the organizational skills and commitment that the volunteer executive members have demonstrated in making the Skicousi experience so special. When invited to become part of the Board, I was honoured to have the chance to play a larger role and help carry on the wonderful Skicousi tradition.

See you on the slopes!